ANGELS OF THE BLUES (Artist in Residency June 8 to 24)

Casa Hasler Poschiavo

Saturday @ 5:00 PM

Venue Details

Via da la Pesa 234, CH-7742 Poschiavo (GR)
Artist in Residency June 8 to 24


ASHA artist …..

GEISHA DAVIS performance artist

KNOEL SCOTT reeds and flute..,

Angels of the Blues

The Blues is the spiritual link between the entities of the Celestial

realm and the people of Jazz. These entities we call Angels exist

to aid and comfort the sufferings of these Jazz people who are

marooned on planet earth struggling to find flight away from the

suffering, death, war and hate which plagues this planet.

These angels appear to us in many forms and are supported by

the Celestial music.

Jazz and Blues are exponents of this Celestial music… they form a

bridge between the Earth and the stars… between man and the

Angels/Aliens who secretly co-exist on this planet.

Man’s journey on this planet is aided by these Angels which appear

in many forms.

Jazz and Blues are sound/vibrational manifestations of man’s

ability to cope with and endure the journey called Life

Art is the multi-dimensional parallel of the same manifestation

Thus the Music and the Visions of Angels are intertwined and are

indeed parallel manifestations of Celestial Love …in sound and

multi-dimensional form.

This Art performance/exhibition will include paintings by Asha,

…collaborative video art/performance by Asha with Geisha Davis

accompanied by live music provided by Knoel Scott




Geisha Davis

Knoel Scott

Technical assistant Omari Erversley