Partial list of albums recorded with jazz groups

	2015 Sun Ra Arkestra Live at the Babylon DVD/CD - In and Out Records
	2009 Sun Ra Arkestra - Live at theParadox - In and out Records
	2007 Live in Alaska - Knoel Scott (Barney McClure productions)
	2005 The Muffins w/ Marshall Allen and Knoel Scott - Hobart Records
	2005 Music from Tomorrows World (Sun Ra Arkestra, El Ra Records)
	2004 The Muffins w/Marshall Allen and Knoel Scott - Double Negative
	 - Cuneiform Records
	2004 Space is the Place (Diggable Planets, El Ra Records)
	2003 BeBop and Beyond (Knoel Scott, Ajiboye Production)
	1997 A Song for the Sun (Sun Ra Arkestra, El Ra Records)
	1995 Terrible (Terry Adams, Rhino Records)
	1995 Legacy of Harlem (Noel Scott, AS IS Records)
	1993 Diversity (Seleno Clarke, Muse Records)

 Partial list of albums recorded with Sun Ra & His Arkestra:

	2008/1981 Sun Ra and His Omniverse Arkestra The Complete Detroit Center Residency 
	 - Transparency Records
	2000/1991 Sun Ra and His Arkestra - Friendly Galaxy - Leo Records
	1991 Live at Hackney Empire - Leo Records
	1991 Pleidades (Leo Records)
	1990 Mayan Temples (Black Saint)
	1990 Live in London (Blast First)
	1989 Somewhere Else (Rounder)
	1980 Sun Ra Plays Walt Disney  - Leo Records
	1980 Blue Delight (A & M)
	1980 Sunrise in Different Dimensions (Hat Hut)
	1979 Live from Soundscape (DIW)
	1979 Strange Celestial Road (Rounder)
	1979 Omniverse (Saturn)
	1979 On Jupiter (Saturn)

 Some achievements:

	2005 Who's Who in Fairbanks -Fairbanks, Alaska -Listed
	2003 Inducted into Germantown Hall of Fame Germantown Historical Society 
	 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
	2002 Founder - Arkestral Institute of Sun Ra - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
	1987 Founder - Harlem Renaissance Jazz Festival - Harlem, New York
	1984/1986 Recipient of National Endowment of the Arts Grants 'Meet the Composer' 
	 - New York City		


			American Federation of Musicians, New York, New York
			Kiwanis International, Morrisania, New York, New York

 And a word in summary:

The experiential value of performing with surviving contemporaries of Charlie Parker,
Duke Ellington and Count Basie, and sharing the fellowship of the Bebop community,
in addition to the tutelage of Sun Ra,
has provided a perspective and insight into the true essence of Jazz Culture,
which evolves out of the life of an Artist living and breathing his art,
for Jazz is a way of life.